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My Blacklist app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 7352 ratings )
Lifestyle Entertainment
Developer: Production Shed Pty Ltd
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 01 Jun 2009
App size: 475.93 Kb

My Blacklist is a fun and unique way to view and record the relationships with the people around you. By adding positive or negative experiences to people using the rating slider, My Blacklist will automatically organise them into three lists - the blacklist, whitelist and greylist. In addition, My Blacklist ranks people within each list based on the amount of positive or negative experiences youve had with them (see below for a list of rankings).

My Blacklist also features a combined list, sorted alphabetically, to get quick access to your relationships and view everyones average rating at a glance.

Worried someone might see your lists? Simply enable the password protection option and feel free to hand over your iphone/ipod to others, even if theyre on the enemy list!

You may be surprised to find just who your friends are. Maybe youll find out that your allies are really your enemies, or your rivals are really well-wishers. Who knows, your nemesis may even become your guardian!

But dont stop there, use My Blacklist to rate everything else, like public figures, insects and spiders, food and drinks, even everyday objects that you have positive or negative experiences with. My Blacklist will organise them all for you!

* Black List
* Grey List
* White List
* Combined List
* History View
* Password protection

* Nemesis
* Enemy
* Rival
* Irritant
* Associate
* Well-wisher
* Ally
* Guardian

Pros and cons of My Blacklist app for iPhone and iPad

My Blacklist app good for

I bought this not to list people I dislike lol lets face it...its hard to forget annoying people! Instead I listed the restaurants and food or menu I will never order again, hotels, bars, locations or sucky parties, sucky services/companies :) I hope you can add categories like people, places, food , hotels etc.
This is a great app for rateing people also this deserves better comments it works fine on my iPhone 3G S 
My personality tends to forget the past to easily. So I was using a notepad to track bad treatment by people. This works better because the range of emotion gets captured better than bad/good. And so the summary is pretty darn close to reality. And it worked 100% right after I downloaded on my 3gs 3.0 so props to dev.
This app really works I have downloaded some crapy sites to block calls and this seems to b the only one that works
I have no idea why all these people expect it to blacklist phone numbers! It does perfectly what it is supposed to do. I run an alliance in the game Four Kingdoms and this app works perfectly for keeping a record of experiences positive and negative with other players. I may need to know a month from now if a player bullied one of my people and this gives me the history in a sec. I have to deal with many ayers a day and too easy to forget. This app does this perfectly! Thanks for the great app.

Some bad moments

ATTENTiON GROSSE ARNAQUE! ON TROMPE LE CONSOMMATEUR! Honteux! SHAME this app do not block call or text!
not working but charg money cheat money!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree with the last two comments, app store has to do something to protect the customer from these thieves.
So my phone company tells me I can block people with this app so I buy it and these people still able to contact me dont waste your money on this not worth a cent
I should have read the reviews, this app is a waste of money. Is not doing its job, and the designer should be ashamed to call his or herself an app designer, 0/5 stars but I gave it the 1 required by apple.