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ne marche pas

This app is crack

ATTENTiON GROSSE ARNAQUE! ON TROMPE LE CONSOMMATEUR! Honteux! SHAME this app do not block call or text!

Wast of money

Dont do nothing. Waste of money!!! Um lixo. Não comprem


not working but charg money cheat money!!!!!!!!!!!!


Simply doesnt do what it says. Big waste of .99


I agree with the last two comments, app store has to do something to protect the customer from these thieves.

Not blocking SMS at all

Dont buy it if you want to block SMS ...

Not worth a Pennie

So my phone company tells me I can block people with this app so I buy it and these people still able to contact me dont waste your money on this not worth a cent

Do not download!!!

I should have read the reviews, this app is a waste of money. Is not doing its job, and the designer should be ashamed to call his or herself an app designer, 0/5 stars but I gave it the 1 required by apple.




Thieves. Dont buy the application. It doesnt block nor do anything. Only a lie.

Dont buy

Dont buy this software this is fake

Che schifo!!!


Blocca numero


Good reminder!

I bought this not to list people I dislike lol lets face it...its hard to forget annoying people! Instead I listed the restaurants and food or menu I will never order again, hotels, bars, locations or sucky parties, sucky services/companies :) I hope you can add categories like people, places, food , hotels etc.

Not worth the 99, buy a taco instead.

So not worth the 99 cents! U could write this on ur notepad better, half the times when u press save after writing about what someone did to u, it wont save! U have to write it over like 2 more times & then for some reason it saves! Or it just wont save a thing at all! Keep your 99cents, this should be a free app! Not worth it. Gave it a star cause it has password protection but not like you need the protection anyways when nothing stay store in it! I want my 99cents back! Rip off!


Dont bother, it does not work as advertised !

not even worth a penny!!!! Waste of money!!!!!!

It did NOTHING!!! What a waste! You have better luck using your memory! Lame! Dont do it!!! You will regret it


This is a great app for rateing people also this deserves better comments it works fine on my iPhone 3G S 

It works better than expected

My personality tends to forget the past to easily. So I was using a notepad to track bad treatment by people. This works better because the range of emotion gets captured better than bad/good. And so the summary is pretty darn close to reality. And it worked 100% right after I downloaded on my 3gs 3.0 so props to dev.

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